Pakistan is home to some of the world’s oldest cultivated gardens. Our design philosophy was inspired by their history of founding the Indus Valley and creating formal gardens in the 16th century. Through our key feature: scattered gardens that will be connected to townhouses with all modern construction techniques and facilities, such as an indoor swimming pool, spa, gym, community hall, and indoor and outdoor sports, ZEM Gardenia provides a world-class living space with adaptable necessities of a safe life and an opportunity to re-establish links with nature.


Gardenia plush green apartments are going to be a mark making residences for the people. Trying to incorporate the concept of gardens in vertical housing, gardenia has come up with its verdant apartments. The apex of Gardenia is – gardens in the sky. These detached planters, united from apartment balconies, will add value to the lives of the residents. The idea is to let people live a healthy and peaceful lifestyle surrounded by nature and greenery. The cantilever planters bring nature closer to you, even hundreds of feet above ground.



Leisure Activities


Architectural Design


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24/7 Security System


Smart Building

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Zoo Area


Sun-Filled Spaces


Timeless Construction


Gardenia introduces a one-of-a-kind residential set up in Pakistan by inculcating townhouses in the plan. These globally recognized living spaces will now be available in Islamabad. The facade of the building is inspired by ancient architecture and reflects the Babylonian concept of hanging gardens. With 27 stories, Pakistan’s tallest residential building aims to redefine luxury, novelty, and lifestyle. Because of the wholesomeness of the surrounding area, it is Islamabad’s most notable location. The breathtaking views of the lush green golf course are unrivaled, surrounded by the scenic beauty of the Takht-pari forest.

Project Properties

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